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Harold the faun

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Hi i try to make some new champ and i draw one.His name is Harold and he is faun i know i dont draw pretty well but its better then my computer arts biggrin.gif He is from forest nearby to Teemos village.Harold is best friend of Teemo.Teemo train him how to fight and Harold train him how to survive in forset.His spells are:
passive- grow stronger at max rank spells have more things to do
q- pircing shot is skill shot like caitlyns q but Harold q detonate when hit enemy champ and blind them and give allies vision.When at max rank detonation knock back enemies
w- nature trap its simple trap with string between.If enemy go trought trap they get stuned and leave at ground track.When harold right clicked on track he get vision of enemy who go trought it.I dont know any specials thing when max rank
e- upgrade! passive gain life steal/active grant Harold bassic atack +2 shots but every shot costs mana.When at max rank next 2 shots will do more dmg
r- friend of forest Harold gain one pet per ult lvl passive:when enemy atack Harold pet throw a cone that deal a small amount of enemy atack /active Harold sent his pet to enemy and that pet atack for 1 sec to selected enemy champ.When at max rank he got one more pet=4
1.pet squirtl
2.pet beaver
3.pet bat
4.pat opossum
(pets sit on harold shoulder)
Thas's all i know my englsh is bad but excuse me i'm from Czech republic.

Harlod the faun.jpg


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