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I got an amazing idea for League of legends championselect.

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Hey riot. I got a good idea aboute champion folders in championselect. This works so you can create your own folders where you categorising champ for the roles you will use them for. For exsample you have a ADC folder where u choose all the champions you use for ADC. And the good part is that you can choose yourself who to be in withc folder, so if u like to play tristana or ezreal ap mid you can put them in both the ADC and the MID folder. If you like to play sona mid you can put her in the Mid folder and the Support folder. I want the players to kinda deside who to put in witch folder. The reson i want to make this is so when i know witch role i play i can choose the folder and get a better look on who u can play. This makes it easier to pick in bad times.
U can also make Mage, marksman, tank ect.

Thx for reading this i hope you respond and maybe use some of my ideas. BTW sry for the bad english.

Knuseren21, Codmultikiller

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too much work and since the champions are in abc order already it won't change much in the game

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I think that this is actually a good idea.

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Great idea! smile.gif


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