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Mac beta client 1 year and 8 months, still beta, still a lot of bugs

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Hello there, my experience of the mac beta has the following problems.
1. When you are close to death everything stops working, the image is just frozen and when at last you are dead everything is back to normal.
2. It loads really, really slowly( i know it is not the problem of my mac, i have friends with way worse specs on their windows computers and they load a lot faster than me)(maybe it is the cross-platform that is at fault there, i don't expect this to be fixed, maybe it can't)
3. Client stops at 33%/99% which is fixed by changing the region and changing back at yours after the patching is complete (sometimes)
4. There are a lot of times that LoL kicks me out of the game before it even starts.I am loading normally and some times it says i was disconnected and i have to reconnect, some times it works, some times i will just not play. (no, it is not my internet at fault here)
5. Riot keeps creating new champions and other things for the game to make it more pretty, but does not improve the game client and patcher. I think this is an attribute that comes with using a mac.

I think that gaming companies should really strike for the player to have a nice experience, but this bugs, this bugs are major ones, riot please make the experience of your players better, take a halt from making champions and making the game prettier and improve the game at its core, the code.

Sorry about my english, i did not try to wright it right, i just want to play lol without the anger and the frustration that these bugs make me experience.
Rito... pls fix, i am not playing LoL, i am getting angry at it.

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That is true!! riot dont improve the mac client. when the fan of the mac starting the cliend start to work very slowly and with mormal fps and ms the game is full of bags. I am serius riot knows all of that but it dont work to fix this problem


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