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EUNE silver sucks

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i played a ranked game in silver rank and the games were not going well because they had fed volibear with full build and my team was trying to kill him.Well the enemys had in the game 3 players but my team didn't want group up and push mid.Well my team got killed and i were 1 vs 3 situation and we lost.They me team mate was a total dusch and called us a noob team but he never helped and he were the jungle.Please if you play ranked or normal don't flame

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EUNE sucks overall. And i thought EUW was bad.

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You say that EUNE silver sucks?
Well, silver is a low rating, people dont have alot of knowledge about the game and that is what makes them "stuck" in Silver.
As you say, Volibear got fed. Fed Volibear is super annoying to play against. He just roams and grabs you! (speaking from personal experience here)

And to "I GOT COOKIES" EUNE sucks overall? Why do you say that? I have account on both east and west, played most on EUNE and I love this server. Most of the people are nice and friendly towards you.
Frankly, this is speaking from my own experience and it sure as hell doesn't mean I think everyone on EUW is flamers, but i've seen alot more flame that's serious ie wishing cancer and hoping someone in your family dies.

Otherwise the servers are pretty much the same. Stop hating and enjoy the game!

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Guys i stuck in silver 2 btw and i cant go gold v . I always losing my ranked games because my teammates feed hard . I try to go on my main lane ( middle ,adc ) but i cant because im last pick the most times and i must respect pick order . 1) You must respect pick order 2) Pick champions that you play good 3) If you are top lane better take a good tank like volibear because your team need it 4) If you are jungler do a lot of good ganks in all the lanes 5) If you are adc you should go last hit to the minions for not losing your farm and not getting ganked .6) If you are support dont steal the cs and the kills from your adc 7) Also a good advice is to speak good with your teammates and help them .

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I am gold IV and I know the feeling.every game....
Anyway If anybody want it can duo with me,I play all lanes.

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MJOW - 80% of all my games in both silver and bronze are filled with either flamers, trollers or AFk-ers so you are lucky as [email protected]#$. Be happy with that and take advantage as quickly as possible since luck runs out. frown.gif I do not even wait for the post-match screen to show up since it is always filled with arguments and report pleas. I only stay if I absolutely have to report someone. I do not even bother talking in pre-match since nobody listens to anything and you constantly end up with more people playing the same role. You, my friend, are lucky!


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