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Patcher client crashes on 33% - Mac 10.10.1

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I have a brand new MBP Retina 13" and want to install LoL. I have downloaded the Mac version from the website, and the patcher client worked untill it got to 33% downloading. I have tried to unistall everything and download it again, but it always crashes on 33% leaving a message saying "LoL Patcher closes unexpedetly".

More specific: When I start the client, it scans all of the files, then starts downloading from 2585 Mb 33%, when it reaches 2570 Mb and still 33% it crashes, giving me a error message saying "LoL Client closes unexpedetly".

LoL Client version:

Edit: After re-downloading the client from the website, it crashes randomly after 30-60 seconds all the way untill it reaches 33%. Then it wont go any further updating LoL.

Anyone else have this problem? Or got any tips how to fix it?

System specs:

- Yosemite 10.10.1
- MacBook Pro Retina 13" Late 2014
- CPU: Intel Core i5 2,8 Ghz
- GPU: Intel Iris 1536 Mb
- RAM: 16 GB

It is a clean and brand new computer, so no antivirus blocking ****, the network is open NAT 40/5 MB.

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Chillout IGotDis



I have the exact same problem! Couldn't find a solution yet. Pls tell me if you managed to fix it somehow, I will do it too! smile.gif

I have a new MacBook Air 13'', I just bought it yesterday.

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Lord BSD

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I've the same problem. Installation freezes on 33%, ~2600MB. It crashes without error. I was trying to open it more than 10 times and still 33% and still crashes.
What's strange that download bar with progress shows download speed around 700KB/s which is rather slow and downloading some data. But it's hard to wait for few hours with that download speed and reopen installator every crash.

Mac mini, late 2013.
SSD drive
Yosemite 10.10.1

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Same here but i use windows, something is wrong with all patchers. Sometimes i download almost whole game but 50Mb then it stops and i need to restart the downloading. It is even worse if i run somthing else on my pc no mater if it uses network or not.

Please fix that wink.gif

Best regards smile.gif

PS: Sory for my bad english.


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