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Mac - Sudden game freeze - Internet Connection Problem

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Hello everyone! I am having a freeze problem concerning my league of legends application in my MacBookPro. Since day 1 that i installed LoL in my Mac i was having problems but lately things have become even worse. In the begging rarely my client would crash while playing i would restart it repair it and everything would be fine. The last 1 month that i have moved houses the game freezes either with sound still playing or sound freezes too or stops. I also tried to connect with an other MacBook and same thing happens. Something weird is that as soon as i restart my Mac in these kind of situations if my second computer (Windows 7 Desktop) is connected to the same game (duo) the "attempting to reconnect" status appears and the internet connection is down for all of the devices that are connected to my router for around 1-2 minutes. I am very disappointed and i hope that there is a solution for my problem. If an other thread concerning my problems already exists i am apologising but i could not find anything similar.


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