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Do you think that they should bring back the long and interesting lores?

Hell yeah! 8 100%
WTF NOOO! 0 0%
Voters 8 .

Give us back the old long lores!

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I have been reading a lot of lores of the champions and for some time it made me stick to this game cuz it was interesting for me to see their story about how they came to the Fields of Justice and what happened to them, but now some of the lores have been shortened and i think its stupid, like Azir. They wrote alot about him in the revealing but then in the lore they just put the fact about him and nothing else. The same thing happened with some of the champs, i don't know why did they shorten the lore if it was fine the way it was. So i made this thread and i hope that you guys feel the same as I do. smile.gif


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