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New Shaco s5?

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I just found that the Devour passive of the jungle items work on shaco clone but with kinda reduced dmg.. So what about tanky shaco with that item? Something like:
Skirmishers Sabre Devour enchant(the red one) This smite for the true dmg per second and the 20% dmg reduction.
Boots Dependant.
Randuin's Omen for the hp and armor against the enemy adc.Also the active slow is good.
Banshee's veil for the hp, magic resist and the spell shield.
Blade of the Ruined King For some more dmg.
And the last item is Dependant.
If their adc is fed (or they have more AD based dmg) ~> Thornmail/Sunfire would work.
If their apc is fed (or they have more AP based dmg) ~> You can go for Wit's End/Maw of Malmortius.

So generally you just Q into their carries~> ult~> and auto attack them till death?
That's just demo/prototype of the build.So would it work ?

[Excuse me for my bad English]

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Thats totally wrong. Shaco is assassin biggrin.gif


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