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Theese low Teams

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Hello league of legends... Why cant u remake these matchmaking teams... My team is ALWAYS Tards but enemys team is like me... Only i can kill them... Look at my match hystory... last 20 games is with this matchmaking... incloding scores 3/11 beacoze my team feeds all the time... I can send u replays nd more... Just please i cant get out of freaking silver 5 beacoze of them... Nick - NoBodySWAGG

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Your opponent comes from the same pool of players are your allies do.

"The grass is always greener on the other side" is a saying that fits in this picture. Perhaps you are unable to higher than silver V, because you are infact currently silver V?

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According to your match history you aren't good as you might think you are, you are dying too much and your farm is bad, you are in your current division because you deserve to be in it(you and those "feeders" have same skill, mind blowing i know), if you want to "escape" it you have to work on yourself and try to improve.


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