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RIOT please

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Will RIOT give us free RP for New Year? Please, I know you will say you will lose a lot of money, and I know how much RP you have to give, how many accounts, and all of that. But it seems you don't care about us anymore. And I am the voice for the most people from my region (Balkan states). We all want to have nice skins and nice summoners icons, but we don't have much money for RP (especially after all flood we have). I think if you give any amount of RP, some number of player will come back to League. And is somebody have some RP on account and you give him/her more RP, maybe he/she will buy more RP.
Thank you, anyway.
Sorry for mistakes. smile.gif

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First i want to ask you, how much RP do you want? I really hope you dont meaning 3000-5000 rp, beacuse riot would just be stupid then. But i can agree if they give us something like 400-600 rp, thats seems logical.

Doesent Riot care about us? Whats about the new uptaded Summoners Rift? The didnt get anything from that, but they made it beacuse they knew we wanted something new, something to see on and 'Think, wow, this map sure has feeling. Its like a fairytale!' They didnt make any Money of that, but they made us happy and that was their Point. They care about us man, and when they wont give us rp to millions of accounts doesent mean they dont care.

Now, im living in a very rich family in Sweden, so i cant really imagine how it is for you in Balkan, and i can understand that you want some kind of gift. But be happy that this is a free game and that its a team behind it who fight for makings us satisfied.

And you! Look at Faker, he do never play with skins but is in my Eyes one of the best LoL players in the World. Skins doesent mean succés. Marry x-mas man.

// LAvNY


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