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About a Top Ranked Player from All Divisions?

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Hello! I would like to ask Riot Employers and the greatfully owners and developers for an assistances. If you've could make a statistics page, for all summoners and players that properly save the stats and has recorded them properly into a riot database and store stats on statspage. Example: stats.leagueoflegends.eune.com

Also can you update some new majority stuffs such as.

1) Penatly for leaving more than (3) or (4) times for a couple of hours. That would be fair enough accordingly.
2) Make a ban duration lower, or higher dependically of a those who has abandoned the games purposaly.
3) A new top rank system as I got mentioned above to have all access to any user to check his ranking summoner statistic and more info; and details about his champ.
Take a look an single example overhere: http://stats.ohsystem.net/ I know it's a dota but, i was discussing about this of coursaly.

Thank you - Riot god with you god bless you!



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