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Most toxic Player: inyoureface12345

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Arnold Hetler

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This game has done it... finally.

Riot your community sucks a lot and why? Because there are player who get away with everything. Flaming, trolling, feeding, griefing. Some player dont't even know what they say.

This cancer wishing btw... is the worst behavior I could imagine online ever! They don't even know what they say. This time, this all has gone too far and this gives me the idea, that Riot lost totally control over this community.

That player inyoureface12345 joined as Warwick, not only did passive jungling all the time, never helped or communicated in a positive way... but also flamed when other took his buffs.

@ all passive junglers... you don't need buffs when you never join fights (Toddlers don't need a Porsche as well)

Next point is the overall bad behavior of this guy. Provoked others during the whole game, insulted me and really managed to prevent any proegress for our team in game. That guy started stealing buffs when others claimed it and so on.

Impossible to win a game with such a player. This is the reason of all toxicity. If you have one idiot ingame you are mightless. you can't do anything against it and you are forced to play this game to the end and suffer under his stupid and unqualified comments. Muting was one step.

After muted, he began to play extraordinarily bad. After we finally lost the game (Trollteams never win, really never win) he started bullying and insulting again, wishing me cancer, like all kiddos do. Maybe they deserve it more than everybody else.

This game has become really toxic and all these tribunals stories wont work anyways. Some people get banned for saying "idiot" and some get away by wishing deseases to others and greifing.

Im tired of getting into troll teams. Now its 5 times in row that my game was greifed. Defeats only. If you people at riot failed at matching correctly then match randomely. Please, its best for all.

Image included.


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1) Addressing Riot on the forum isn't likely to get a response from them. Because they're bad at that kind of stuff. You stand a better chance at the new EU boards, but even then you have to make your case so other players upvote it enough to get Riot's eyes on it.

2) You can't reveal the names of players on the forum, since that'a against forum rules (http://forums.eune.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=742318), and will only get your post deleted. No punishment will come to those players because of your forum post. Remove the name from the post and screenshots.

3) You're as much part of the community as the player you're naming. What are you doing to make the community better?

4) Riot hasn't used the Tribunal for about a year. Instead, they've experimented with other ways to deal with toxicity, such as the updated LeaverBuster against the oft-stated problem with leavers and afk players, chat restrictions against chat offenders, ranked restrictions against players who exhibit their bad behavior much more often in ranked... There's also a feeder detector in the works, though I can't say how well it works because Riot doesn't tell us these things.


Here's a few things that might improve your games:

1) Don't play normals. Normals is where people go to test new things, where people on ranked restriction end up playing to get through their restriction, where groups go to have fun and play champions in strange ways. Would you be posting about me and my friend and out Ahri-adc Draven-support bot lane too? This is a game. People play to have fun. If this game mode involves players playing in a way that sin't fun for you, don't play it. Play ranked, where people take things a little more seriously. Play normals with 4 friends to avoid having trolls on your team.

2) Keep in mind that the same horrible players you get on your team end up on the enemy team too. While this doesn't reduce their effect on games in general, it means you win games because the enemy has players like this too.

3) Remember that everyone loses games. You've lost 5 in a row. Before that, you won 3 in a row, before that, you won 4 in a row.

4) Stay calm, don't cause problems in your team yourself. I've won a lot of games simply by calming down my team when they're flaming each other. It doesn't always work, but it often does.


I'm looking at your match history right now. I'm seeing a few things that might get you frustrated.

Loss 1, did you and Orianna both go mid? I don't know if you play Draft or Blind, but pick order matters in Draft. It's one of the reasons Draft is better imo.

Loss 2, you all die too much. Also, Nidalee "support", I assume. But just because bot lane is a mess doesn't mean you can't win your own lane and transfer that advantage to the other lanes and carry the game that way. Not always possible, but something to keep in mind when another lane is struggling.

Loss 3, no support. Looks like the enemy bot lane got fed early and steamrolled over you, Jinx and Azir. I suspect this is because your team had no support for your adc. Also, I see a Jinx on both teams, so this is Blind Pick, which might explain why you're having so many problems with your teams.

Loss 4, how are you dying so much? Kalista jungle, that's interesting. Didn't seem to work, though. Your team also have no tanks, so the enemy Katarina can get a lot of resets from killing squishy targets. It's really easy for her to kill you because you build the same items every game, and none of them provides magic resist to mitigate her damage.

Loss 5, no adc, that's interesting. And that also means that your team struggles to get through the enemy tanks. Your normal games aren't producing particularly strong team comps. Consider playing Draft Mode instead, if not just ranked instead of normals.


I'm also seeing some things in your build that you could improve:

Stop taking Revive. Every time you die, you provide gold for the enemy team. Stop dying instead. Take Heal, Barrier, Ignite, almost anything but Revive. There are situations where it might be useful, but most games it's bad.

Stop building the same items every game. RoA is a very good item on Karthus, but Mobi boots are usually not. Hourglass is a good item. Lich Bane is usually not. Deathcap is a good item, Archangel's/Seraph's is an okay item. You coud do a lot more damage if you take Sorc boots and survive longer with a Rylai's. You can get Abyssal Scepter for more damage in teamfights. You can take Void Staff if the enemy builds a lot of MR. You can build Morellonomicon or Athene's to get you your ult more often, plus other useful stats. You should adapt your build to your lane opponent so you don't lose lane for building armor against an AP assassin. Once you have some defense against your lane opponent, you can look at the rest of the enemy team and consider the other defensive stats you might need. If the enemy can't get close to you, you might not need as much health and armor. If the enemy doesn't have a lot of physical damage on their team, you can get Deathcap before Hourglass.

Die less. Dying is giving kill money to the enemy, so they get stronger and you have to hurry back to lane to get farm and exp while they can safely farm while you're dead, or b and come back stronger. Take a defensive spell instead, or an offensive one. Kill the enemy before they kill you.

Play more champs. I see one game of Orianna, the rest are Karthus. You might not be aware of how fun many other champs are. Or maybe you'll learn how to play against them when you know how they work because you've played them.

Learn to play support. I seriously doubt you're always getting mid in your games, at least without upsetting someone on your team who wasn't as fast as you in locking in a mid champ.

Stop blaming your team. Another player might say that you locked in mid without considering the rest of the team, then went there and fed an enemy Akali or something, and didn't even build any MR against her. And they might be completely right in that complaint. While it's not the same as toxic behavior, it's still making the game worse for your teammates. Play smarter, build smarter, behave smarter, and you'll win more games.

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Adrenalotr is right with everything, but one thing is the most important: you play only one champ. Why? You're a bad player if you can play only one champion, it only means that you don't understand the game. And it's not an insult, back then when I was very, very bad, I played only Mundo, because he seemed like an easy champ to me. And still I died and died, because I didn't understand how the game needs to be played and LoL requires a lot of strategy. But there is one game that promotes strategy over anything else: it's Dota 2. If you don't know how to strategize your every movement in LoL, I suggest trying Dota 2, because it will make you strategize every single movement/attack/spell cast/everything. Or else you die, very, very quickly.


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