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I like how you are introducing more complexity riot, but ....

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While I can understand (but not justify, not while the game still in it's current shape at least) the community's and riot's hate for targeted skills and "cheap" skillshots, I don't know why the issue of ranged auto-attacks hasn't been discussed (at least) yet especially when riot have already been making said "cheap" skillshots more difficult to use since late season 4 as well as reworking some champs with targeted spells into skillshots users.

What makes a marksman's auto-attacks that crits/heals for tons of (burst) damage while having almost no costs or cds of their own require more skill or decision making than a mage's targeted spells that dont heal, have costs and cd's and usually don't do as much damage unless they were ultimates (guess what ? .. marksmen have "cheap" skillshots and ultimates too) while both are carries and both can have similar cc/utility and thus doesn't invoke the same hatred for marksmen's ranged auto-attacks as it did invoke on mage's targeted spells ??!!

My point is that marksmen are not only growing to be the most reliable at what they do (they have been always like that in my eyes but its more abvious now with riots current way of changing things) but also are still performing out of their "supposed" role (which is to kill tanks through dps but right now they can delete their counters as fast as they can delete them but with far more reliabiltiy) and if marksmen are going to be kept like this while everything else changes (to require more skill/decision making) we will see a lot of games with team comps that work around having 2 marksmen in them (it is a thing already with marksmen mostly mid and top and I saw a good number of games where twitch, Quinn and jinx were able to jungle just fine) which is neither healthy nor enjoyable (watch a right click fest ? cmon dude).

Oh and can someone tell me why the majority of high elo players are ADC (used to be tied with assassins but no more) mains please ??


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