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New Game mode

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Riot Pls Give 1 hour ban to those who leaves the new game mode... For real i have to wait 30 minutes fora a game because "oh i got a ****ty champ so i leave...." i hope that thye wont get mistery box ...

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From the announcement post (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/meet-your-nemesis-draft):

Okay, but what about dodgers? DO YOU HAVE A PLAN HERE, MR. RIOT?!
Of course! Wouldnt have added this question into an FAQ if we didnt, duh. Queue dodgers and game leavers might play (or er, start to play) Nemesis Draft, too, so to make sure those of you who legitimately want to play the mode get to actually do so, were dialling up the queue dodge and game leaver penalties. Check out this post for details on how our detection system, cunningly named LeaverBuster, works! Spoilers: it can detect if you just disconnected because your ISP hates you, which is nice.


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