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This game isn't fun anymore.

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I've played this game for about somewhat over three years now.

I started playing about mid season 1 when League was getting a slew of new content, everyone had duck feet, you could see Annie's underwear, and there was no strict meta. Players had fun because they could join a match not knowing what to expect but to only play their best. The game didn't take itself very seriously and neither did it's players. Of course, the community wasn't entirely peaceful, but it was a lot better at the time.

Now, I feel that Riot has aimed the game in a direction that just isn't itself. It really made me excited that they shed a lot of light on the Dota genre. It became popular and that's what I believe has led to my dissatisfaction with the current state of the game. Riot has stated numerous times that they want to keep the game alive for generations to come by heavily focusing on it as an e-sports game. They wanted a more competitive community with more emphasis on "big plays", chases, and team-work oriented environments. They began leading with the philosophy that one player could teach and lead others, ultimately leading to a more competent and knowledgeable team.

I believe that this is far from what they've intended. This game is frustrating in all the wrong ways. Where they believe that their encouraging good behavior and sportsmanship, they're only putting pressure and baiting negative attitude and vulgar behavior. This game now believes itself to be something that is on a "professional" level with overloaded kits and hardly any emphasis on the potential of an individual. Not everyone is capable of performing on a level of a player that has many years and knowledge over the game, so why should they be expected to perform on that level?

The result of this is consistent elitism and a community that bashes itself because "you're trash".

When you win, everything is fine and everything swell. If you lose, then well someone is at fault and a lot of players will go to great lengths to prove that rather than encouraging improvement. Where I'm trying to get at is that the very design of this game is "toxic" as such the buzzword that Riot uses to describe something unsavory.


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